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Minimize Those Pores With Maxatone by Solvaderm

Pores With Maxatone by Solvaderm

Pores. What are They?

A. Tiny openings on the face that get blocked leading to breakouts.
B. Channels that house hair follicles leading to glands that produce skin’s natural moisturizer, sebum.
C. Something to do with skincare that Solvaderm are sure to have a product to treat.
D. All of the above

Well, if you chose A, B, C or D you were right! Although technically pores don’t just exist on the face. They cover the entire body but are most likely to become enlarged on the face leading to them becoming blocked and causing blemishes. So why does this happen?

Causes of Blocked Pores

Pores can become blocked a number of ways. Dead skin cells can combine with the sebum produced by oil glands at the end of hair follicles to block the bore; oxidation can occur creating blackheads. Eventually, if not cleared and bacteria get into the pore, this becomes a pimple. For those with adult acne, the excess amount of oil produced can make the environment conducive to the development of bacteria. Regular cleansing helps, but when pores have been inflamed, narrowing the channel makes it more difficult for blockages to recur. This is where toners come into play.

How Toners Work?

Toners traditionally fall into one of two categories, those with astringent qualities and those without. For those with dry and sensitive skins, a humectant such as the old fashioned glycerine and rosewater toner will gently act on the surface of the skin to tighten pores after cleansing but without drying the skin. Astringents work on oilier skin to reduce the amount of sebum on the surface and traditionally contain alcohol which can be harsh and drying. Finding the middle ground, Solvaderm have created Maxatone bio hydrating astringent which has both qualities, making it gentle enough to be used on sensitive skin and strong enough for those with oily complexions.


Developed to help minimize the appearance of pores, this clarifying toner is suitable for use by those aged in their twenties onwards. We could give you a list of all the ingredients and their properties but sometimes the best thing to do is let the product speak for itself. So, here’s what some of Solvaderm’s customers have to say about it:

Nina L. Age: 21-25 “Maxatone has diminished my enlarged pores…My breakouts have ceased and I just love the way this makes my skin feel.”

Dottie G. Age: 36-40 “I use this product with the Rejuvoderm cleanser. My pores are smaller and my skin is so bright. I travel a lot so this really helps to maintain balance to my skin.”

Ana P. Age: 41-45 “A gentle toner that leaves my sensitive skin fresh. No more oily t-zone!”

While you cannot reduce the actual size of pores, appearance of them can be minimized by regular deep cleansing and the removal of accumulated oil that make them appear larger. Maxatone can help reduce the buildup of impurities and soothe inflammation when used as part of Solvaderm’s Daily Protocol for advanced skincare.